Computer Awareness MCQ SET I

Computer Awareness MCQ SET I


(1)When someone talks about the “memory” of a computer, he is usally referring to

(a) Read only memory

(b) Random access memory

(c) Virtual memory

(d) Cache memory

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Answer: b

(2) What do you call a program used to eliminate viruses from a disk ?

(a) Vaccine

(b) Disaster recovery plan

(c) Back up

(d) Defragmentation program

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Answer: a

(3) WINDOWS work in the mode –

(a) Enhanced and compressed

(b) Expanded

(c) Extended

(d) None of the above

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Answer: a

(4) Which of the following is not considered a portable computer?

(a) Notebook Computer

(b) Lap top Computer

(c) Palm top Computer

(d) Mini Computer

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Answer: d

(5) Which of the following is the fastest Printer?

(a) Ink jet

(b) Dot matrix

(c) Laser

(d) Plotter

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Answer: c

(6) In Computer, ALU normally contains a number of high speed storage elements called –

(a) Magnetic Disk

(b) Registers

(c) Hard Disk

(d) Semiconductor Memory

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Answer: b

(7) Which of the following storage is volatile?

(a) CD –ROM

(b) Floppy disk

(c) Semiconductor Memory

(d) Core Memory

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Answer: c

(8) A collection of four bits is called –

(a) Word

(b) Byte

(c) Nibble

(d) Double-word

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Answer: c

(9) Which of the following is the fastest?

(a) CPU

(b) Video terminal

(c) Magnetic tapes and disks

(d) Sensors, mechanical controllers

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Answer: a

(10) The user interface

(a) Is relatively unimportant

(b) Is easy to provide with good support

(c) Supports both novice and experienced

(d) Is slanted towards novice users

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Answer: c