English Language Practice Set IV

English Language Practice Set IV

Directions: In this section, you will find a number of sentences, parts of which are printed in bold. You may also find only a group of words which is bold. For each bold part, four words/phrases are listed below. Choose the word/phrase nearest in meaning to the bold part

(1)It was an astute move to sell the property at that stage.

(a) Inexplicable




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Answer: d

(2)The five experiments gave disparate results.

(a) Different




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Answer: a

(3)The young girl appeared self-possessed in front of TV cameras.

(a) Extrovert




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Answer: c

(4)The chairman conducted the meeting with aplomb.

(a) Authority


(c) Annoyance

(d) Arrogance

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Answer: b

(5)The officer gave a lucid explanation of the company’s course of action.

(a) Clear




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Answer: a

(6)We will carry out the enquirt as expeditiously as passible.

(a) Justifiably




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Answer: c

(7)The coach followed a devious course to its destination.

(a) Winding




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Answer: a

(8)It would be impertinent to suggest that he was generally wrong.

(a) Impartial




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Answer: b

(9)We have witnessed an inexorable march of progress by the  organization.

(a) Sluggish




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Answer: c

(10)Our fates seemed intertwined.

(a) Linked




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Answer: a