General awareness Practice Set X

General awareness Practice Set X


(1)When the National Emergency is declared, the following remain suspended ?

(a) Judiciary

(b) Directive Principles of states Policy

(c) Fundamental Rights

(d)Fundamental Duties

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(2)Fuse wire should have :

(a) High resistance, low melting point

(b) High resistance, high melting point

(c) Low resistance, low melting point

(d)Low resistance, high melting point

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(3)Excess of total expenditure over total receipts is known as :

(a) Primary deficit

(b) Fiscal deficit

(c) Revenue deficit

(d)Budgetary deficit

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(4)The study of tissues distribution in stem is performed under :

(a) Ecophysiology

(b) Cytology

(c) Histology


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(5)Expand the term CD-ROM :

(a) compact Disk Read Only Memory

(b) Compactable Disk Read Only Memory

(c) Compact Data Read Only Memory

(d)Compactable Data Read Only memory

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(6) ‘Revolver’ was discovered by :

(a) Sholtz

(b) Marconi

(c) Colt


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(7)Point out from the following the women President of India ?

(a) Vijaylakshmi Pandit

(b) Jaya Lalitha

(c) Sarojini Naidu

(d)Pratibha Patil

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(8)Rate of  photosynthesis is maximum in :

(a) None

(b) Green light

(c) Blue light

(d) Red light

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(9)Which discovery is associated with the name of Marie Curie ?

(a) Photo electric effect

(b) Radio activity

(c) Artificial transmutation


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