General Intelligence Practice Set I

General Intelligence Practice Set I


(1)A ,is  the son of B, while B and C are sisters to one another .E is the mother of C. If D is the son of E, which of the following statements is correct ?

(a) B and D are brothers

(b)D is the cousin of A

(c)E is the brother of B

(d)D  is the maternal uncle of A

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(2)From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word:






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Directions (Question Nos.3)Select the missing number from the given responses.

(3)144        (132)      121

64           (?)        100

 (a) 90




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Directions: Select the related word/letter/figure/number from the given alternatives.

(4)Mechanic: Spanner:: Carpenter: ?

(a) Saw




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(5)Fish: Gills:: Man:?

(a) Nose




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(6) Grain: Warehouse:: Water:?

 (a) River




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(a) TGSH




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(a) FNWG




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(9)16:49::100: ?

(a) 169




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(10)15:220::25: ?

(a) 650




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