General Knowledge MCQ SET II

General Knowledge MCQ SET II

1)Which of the following is the highest mountain peak ?

(a) Nanda Devi

(b) Nanga Parbat

(c) K2

(d) Kanchanjunga

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Answer: c

2) Which one of the following is the unit of activity of a radioactive source ?

(a) Tesla

(b) Becquerel

(c) Lux

(d) Siemens

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Answer: b

3) Sunda Trench lies in –

(a) Indian Oceans

(b) Atlantic Ocean

(c) Antarctic Ocean

(d) Pacific Ocean

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Answer: a

4) Which one of the following correctly defines the state of  –

(a) Condensed gas

(b) Crystalline solid

(c) Super cooled liquid

(d) Liquid crystal

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Answer: c

5) Who among the following had replaced the Vernacular Press Act?

(a) Lord Lytton

(b) Lord Dufferin

(c) Lord Lansdowne

(d) Lord Ripon

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Answer: d

6) Where has the World’s largest monolithic  statue of Buddha been installed ?

(a) Lhasa

(b) Bamiyan

(c) Kandy

(d) Hyderabad

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Answer: b

7) Which UT of India has lowest sex ratio as per census 2011 ?

(a) Chandigarh

(b) Daman and Diu

(c) Delhi

(d) lakshadweep

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Answer: b

8) The English crown is an example of –

(a) Nominal Executive

(b) Real Executive

(c) Nominated Executive

(d) Quasi-real Executive

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Answer: a

9) Kabir Puraskar is selected to which field ?

(a) Culture Development

(b) Hindi Literature

(c) Promotion of communal harmony

(d) Sculpture

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Answer: c

10) The concept of Judicial Review in our Constitution ha been taken from the Constitution of

(a) Australia

(b) England

(c) USA

(d) Canada

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Answer: c

11) Who among of the following had constructed the Red Fort in Delhi ?

(a) Jahangir

(b) Akbar

(c) Aurangzeb

(d) Shah Jahan

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Answer: d

12) Vinegar is the trade name of

(a) Acetic acid

(b) Chloroform

(c) Carbon tetrachloride

(d) Ethyl alcohol

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Answer: a

13) The constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the Constitution of –

(a) USA

(b) United Kingdom

(c) Canada

(d) Ireland

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Answer: c

14) Which one of the following is used for measuring the humidity of the air ?

(a) Wet and Dry blub thermometer

(b) Wind vane

(c) maximum and minimum thermometer

(d) Aneroid barometer

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Answer: d

15) Among the given nutrients, milk is a poor source of

(a) Calcium

(b) Vitamin C

(c) Carbohydrate

(d) Protein

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Answer: b

16) Bande Mataram, the nationalist song, was a part of

(a) Grihadaha

(b) Durgesh Nandini

(c) Saraswati Chandra

(d) Anand Math

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Answer: d

17) Who of the following was the first Railway Minister of Independent India ?

(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(b) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(c) Shanmugham Shetty

(d) John Mathai

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Answer: d

18) Which one of the following is not an mammal ?

(a) Seal

(b) Dolphin

(c) Shark

(d) Whale

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Answer: c

19) Which one of the following is an element ?

(a) Brass

(b) Graphite

(c) Alumina

(d) Silica

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Answer: b

20) The natural dye present in turmeric is known as

(a) Methyl orange

(b) Cinnamin

(c) Curcumin

(d) Phenolphthalein

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Answer: c

21) Who from the following leaders was not assassinated ?

(a) Liaqat Ali Khan

(b) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

(d) Lord Mountbatten

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Answer: c

22) Crocodile store fats in

(a) Tail

(b) Head

(c) Arteries

(d) Stomach

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Answer: a

23) Ships are repaired mainly at

(a) Chennai

(b) Goa

(c) Vishakhapatnam

(d) Mazagaon Dock at Bombay

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Answer: d

24) High Courts were established in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras is

(a) 1935

(b) 1865

(c) 1943

(d) 1872

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Answer: b

25) The East Central Railway Zone headquarters is located at

(a) Katihar

(b) Patna

(c) Hajipur

(d) Mizaffarpur

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Answer: c