General Science MCQ SET-II

General Science MCQ SET-II

(1)Chemically pure gold is of:

(a) 22 carats

(b) 24 carats

(c) 18 carats

(d) 20 carats

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(2) A liquid transmits pressure equally in all directions is denoted by –

(a) First Law of thermodynamics

(b) Archimedes Principle

(c) Pascal’s Law

(d) First Law of Fluid Dynamics

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(3) Sound travels fastest in

(a) Vacuum

(b) Water

(c) Air

(d) Iron

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(4) Which of the following is not a terrestrial planet?

(a) Jupiter

(b) Mercury

(c) Mars

(d) Venus

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(5) Static electricity is produced because of

(a) Friction

(b) Heat

(c) Static magnetism

(d) Chemical reaction

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(6) Deep sea divers respirate in the mixture of oxygen and –

(a) Argon

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Helium

(d) Carbon dioxide

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(7) The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is :

(a) Carbon

(b) Iron

(c) Oxygen

(d) Nitrogen

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(8) A man jumping out of a moving train is trrown –

(a) Forward

(b) Backward

(c) Sideways

(d) None of the above

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(9) The substance preserved under water is

(a) Potassium

(b) Sodium

(c) Red phosphorus

(d) White phosphorous

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(10) The scientist who suggested that all acids contain oxygen was

(a) Willstatter

(b) Lavoisier

(c) Lewis

(d) Davy

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