GK Practice Set for WB Excise SI Recruitment 2018

GK Practice Set for WB Excise SI Recruitment 2018

General Knowledge is an important component of the WB Excise SI Recruitment. So Keeping this in mind we have created this GK Practice Set for the WB Excise Job Applicants who are top sit for the Selection Exams of Excise Inspector of West Bengal Police.

(1)Yeast is used for the production of

(a) Ethyl alcohol

(b) Curd

(c) Acetic Acid

(d) Cheese

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Answer: b

(2) Louis Braile is known for the invention of –

(a) Printing for the blind

(b) Powerloom

(c) Photography

(d) Printing press

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Answer: a

(3) Jaundice affects which part of the human body ?

(a) Heart

(b) Kidney

(c) Lungs

(d) Liver

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Answer: d

(4) Which among the following is related to AIDS ?

(a) HIV


(c) ABO

(d) SIT

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Answer: a

(5) The total fertility rate in India is the highest in :

(a) Bihar

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Andhra Pradesh

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Answer: c

(6) The Poona copper plate inscription belongs to –

(a) Kumaradevi

(b) Dhruvadevi

(c) Prabhavati

(d) Devichandra-guptam

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Answer: c

(7) Who among the following introduced the famous Persian festival of Nauroji in India ?

(a) Alauddin Khilji

(b) Balban

(c) Firuz Tughlaq

(d) Iltutmish

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Answer: b

(8) Which of the following plant disease is caused by mineral deficiency ?

(a) Ring rot of potato

(b) Red rot of sugarcane

(c) Wilt of cotton

(d) Heart rot of bees

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Answer: d

(9) The gland that contains the body’s thermostat is

(a) Pituitary

(b) Thyroid

(c) Hypothalamus

(d) Pineal

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Answer: c

(10) Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock ?

(a) Harappa

(b) Alamgirpur

(c) Mohenjodaro

(d) Lothal

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Answer: d

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