Indian History MCQ SET II

Indian History MCQ SET II

(1)Name the only Hindu convert to Islam to sit on the throne of Delhi Sultanate ?

(a) Nasiruddin Muhammad

(b) Abu Bakar

(c) Nasiruddin Khusrau

(d) Masud Shah

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Answer: c

(2) After coming to the throne, Harsha assumed the title of :

(a) Maharaja

(b) Gunaraja

(c) Diladitya

(d) Chakravatiraja

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Answer: c

(3) Which one of the following was manufractured at Arikamedu on the east coast ?

(a) Muslim

(b) Sikh

(c) Indigo

(d) Spices

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Answer: a

(4) Who built the fort city of Siri?

(a) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

(b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Jalaluddin Khalji

(d) Iltutmish

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Answer: b

(5) Who founded the fortrees city Mandu – the Capital of Malwa ?

(a) Ahmead Shah

(b) Muzaffer Shah

(c) Hushang Shah

(d) None of the above

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Answer: c

(6) Railways were introduced in India when the Governor General of India was ;

(a) Dalhousie

(b) Canning

(c) Rippon

(d) Curzon

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Answer: a

(7) Painting in the Mughal period was at its prime during the reign of :

(a) Aurangzeb

(b) Shahjahan

(c) Akbar

(d) Jehangir

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Answer: d

(8) Pampa, Panna and Ranna are regarded as the 3 gems of :

(a) Telegu poetry

(b) Tamil poetry

(c) Malayalam poetry

(d) Kannada poetry

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Answer: d

(9) Upanishads are books on –

(a) Law

(b) Yoga

(c) Philosophy

(d) Religion

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Answer: c

(10) Who was the founder of Bahamani Kingdom ?

(a) ismail Mukh

(b) Muhammad Shah

(c) Alauddin Hasan

(d) Gangoo

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Answer: c