Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2023 (liVE) | UG Admission Updates & Cut Offs

Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2023: Mahishadal Raj College Merit list 2023 for the BA, B.COM, B.SC (Gen/Hons) courses is released on 15th July 2023. Applicants who have applied for the UG courses Registration can find the Mahishadal raj College Selection List 2022 at the college portal at /List.aspx. Further, the Applicants can also download the provisional merit list for BA, B.Com, B.SC Admission 2023-24 from this page as well. We have added the direct link to check the list from here.

UPDATE: The Provisional Merit List 2023 for the UG Courses is released on 15/07/2023. Applied candidates can stay connected to catch the instant updates in this regard.

Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2022 Schedule Overview

Application PeriodFrom 01.07.2023 10.00 a.m. to 15.07.2023 4.00 p.m.
Correction of submitted formsFrom 01.07.2023 10.00 a.m. to 16.07.2023 4.00 p.m.
Publication of Provisional Merit List18.07.2023 at 2.00 p.m.
Objection regarding Prov. Merit ListUp to 18.07.2023 by 1.00 p.m. (through Helpline : 8170904931 / “Any Queries” option)
Publication of Final Merit List21.07.2023 at 2.00 p.m. 
First Phase E-Counselling and AdmissionOn and From August 2023 (Department Published soon)
Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2023 Download Link

Direct Link to Mahishadal Raj College Merit List Here

Apply Online Direct Links for Mahishadal UG Admission 2022 – 23

The admission process for the under graduate courses are through online process. Interested candidates should visit the college website and then apply within the deadline. here, the necessary links to application form is enclosed. Thus, follow the links here and submit the application form as early as possible.

Admission Schedule 2022-23Click Here
ProspectusClick Here
Eligibility DetailsClick Here
Link to Online RegistrationClick Here
Official Website of CollegeClick Here

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Under Graduate Course Available @ Mahishadal Raj College

Willing candidates can enroll for BA / BSc / BCom Courses at the college. However here we are sharing the seating capacity for the Admission Session 2022-23.

Sl NoHonors Subject / CourseTotal Seats
5Political Science94
13Computer Science49
18Geography (BSc)70
20Economics (BSc)77
22BA General700
23BSc (Pure) General200
24BSc (Bio) General200
25BCom General130
26Industrial Chemistry (Major)112

Direct link to check Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2023

The admission will be based on the merit score of the candidates. The College will calculate the merit of the candidates on the aggregate marks of best of 4 subjects. Thereafter, this will be uploaded on the admission portal. Hence, the willing candidates can follow the link below to check the merit list according to the category and also according to the courses from here.

Provisional Merit List on 15/07/2023

1AccountancyB.Com Honours Accountancy All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
2AccountancyB.Com Honours Accountancy General-EWS .15/07/2023
3AccountancyB.Com Honours Accountancy OBC-A .15/07/2023
4AccountancyB.Com Honours Accountancy OBC-B .15/07/2023
5AccountancyB.Com Honours Accountancy SC .15/07/2023
6B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
7B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General General-EWS .15/07/2023
8B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General OBC-A .15/07/2023
9B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General OBC-B .15/07/2023
10B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General SC .15/07/2023
11B.A(Humanities) GeneralB.A(Humanities) General ST .15/07/2023
12B.A(Social_Science) GeneralB.A(Social_Science) General All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
13B.A(Social_Science) GeneralB.A(Social_Science) General General-EWS .15/07/2023
14B.A(Social_Science) GeneralB.A(Social_Science) General OBC-A .15/07/2023
15B.A(Social_Science) GeneralB.A(Social_Science) General OBC-B .15/07/2023
16B.A(Social_Science) GeneralB.A(Social_Science) General SC .15/07/2023
17B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
18B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General General-EWS .15/07/2023
19B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General OBC-A .15/07/2023
20B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General OBC-B .15/07/2023
21B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General SC .15/07/2023
22B.Sc(Life_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Life_Science) General ST .15/07/2023
23B.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) GeneralB.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) General All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
24B.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) GeneralB.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) General General-EWS .15/07/2023
25B.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) GeneralB.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) General OBC-A .15/07/2023
26B.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) GeneralB.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) General OBC-B .15/07/2023
27B.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) GeneralB.Sc(Math_Comp_Sc) General SC .15/07/2023
28B.Sc(Physical_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Physical_Science) General All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
29B.Sc(Physical_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Physical_Science) General General-EWS .15/07/2023
30B.Sc(Physical_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Physical_Science) General OBC-A .15/07/2023
31B.Sc(Physical_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Physical_Science) General OBC-B .15/07/2023
32B.Sc(Physical_Science) GeneralB.Sc(Physical_Science) General SC .15/07/2023
33BCAB.Sc Honours BCA All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
34BCAB.Sc Honours BCA General-EWS .15/07/2023
35BCAB.Sc Honours BCA OBC-A .15/07/2023
36BCAB.Sc Honours BCA OBC-B .15/07/2023
37BCAB.Sc Honours BCA SC .15/07/2023
38BCAB.Sc Honours BCA ST .15/07/2023
39BengaliB.A Honours Bengali All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
40BengaliB.A Honours Bengali General-EWS .15/07/2023
41BengaliB.A Honours Bengali OBC-A .15/07/2023
42BengaliB.A Honours Bengali OBC-B .15/07/2023
43BengaliB.A Honours Bengali SC .15/07/2023
44BengaliB.A Honours Bengali ST .15/07/2023
45BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
46BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany General-EWS .15/07/2023
47BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany OBC-A .15/07/2023
48BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany OBC-B .15/07/2023
49BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany SC .15/07/2023
50BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany ST .15/07/2023
51ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
52ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry General-EWS .15/07/2023
53ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry OBC-A .15/07/2023
54ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry OBC-B .15/07/2023
55ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry SC .15/07/2023
56ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry ST .15/07/2023
57Comp ScienceB.Sc Honours Comp Science All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
58Comp ScienceB.Sc Honours Comp Science General-EWS .15/07/2023
59Comp ScienceB.Sc Honours Comp Science OBC-A .15/07/2023
60Comp ScienceB.Sc Honours Comp Science OBC-B .15/07/2023
61Comp ScienceB.Sc Honours Comp Science SC .15/07/2023
62EconomicsB.Sc Honours Economics All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
63EconomicsB.Sc Honours Economics General-EWS .15/07/2023
64EconomicsB.Sc Honours Economics OBC-B .15/07/2023
65EconomicsB.Sc Honours Economics SC .15/07/2023
66EconomicsB.Sc Honours Economics ST .15/07/2023
67EducationB.A Honours Education All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
68EducationB.A Honours Education General-EWS .15/07/2023
69EducationB.A Honours Education OBC-A .15/07/2023
70EducationB.A Honours Education OBC-B .15/07/2023
71EducationB.A Honours Education SC .15/07/2023
72EducationB.A Honours Education ST .15/07/2023
73EnglishB.A Honours English All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
74EnglishB.A Honours English General-EWS .15/07/2023
75EnglishB.A Honours English OBC-A .15/07/2023
76EnglishB.A Honours English OBC-B .15/07/2023
77EnglishB.A Honours English SC .15/07/2023
78EnglishB.A Honours English ST .15/07/2023
79GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
80GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography General-EWS .15/07/2023
81GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography OBC-A .15/07/2023
82GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography OBC-B .15/07/2023
83GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography SC .15/07/2023
84GeographyB.Sc Honours Geography ST .15/07/2023
85GeologyB.Sc Honours Geology All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
86GeologyB.Sc Honours Geology General-EWS .15/07/2023
87GeologyB.Sc Honours Geology OBC-A .15/07/2023
88GeologyB.Sc Honours Geology OBC-B .15/07/2023
89GeologyB.Sc Honours Geology SC .15/07/2023
90HistoryB.A Honours History All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
91HistoryB.A Honours History General-EWS .15/07/2023
92HistoryB.A Honours History OBC-A .15/07/2023
93HistoryB.A Honours History OBC-B .15/07/2023
94HistoryB.A Honours History SC .15/07/2023
95HistoryB.A Honours History ST .15/07/2023
96Industrial ChemistryB.Sc All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
97Industrial ChemistryB.Sc General-EWS .15/07/2023
98Industrial ChemistryB.Sc OBC-A .15/07/2023
99Industrial ChemistryB.Sc SC .15/07/2023
100MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
101MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics General-EWS .15/07/2023
102MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics OBC-A .15/07/2023
103MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics OBC-B .15/07/2023
104MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics SC .15/07/2023
105MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics ST .15/07/2023
106MusicB.A Honours Music All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
107MusicB.A Honours Music General-EWS .15/07/2023
108MusicB.A Honours Music OBC-B .15/07/2023
109MusicB.A Honours Music SC .15/07/2023
110NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
111NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition General-EWS .15/07/2023
112NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition OBC-A .15/07/2023
113NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition OBC-B .15/07/2023
114NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition SC .15/07/2023
115NutritionB.Sc Honours Nutrition ST .15/07/2023
116PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
117PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy General-EWS .15/07/2023
118PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy OBC-A .15/07/2023
119PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy OBC-B .15/07/2023
120PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy SC .15/07/2023
121PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy ST .15/07/2023
122PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
123PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics General-EWS .15/07/2023
124PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics OBC-A .15/07/2023
125PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics OBC-B .15/07/2023
126PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics SC .15/07/2023
127PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics ST .15/07/2023
128PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
129PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology General-EWS .15/07/2023
130PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology OBC-A .15/07/2023
131PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology OBC-B .15/07/2023
132PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology SC .15/07/2023
133PhysiologyB.Sc Honours Physiology ST .15/07/2023
134Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
135Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science General-EWS .15/07/2023
136Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science OBC-A .15/07/2023
137Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science OBC-B .15/07/2023
138Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science SC .15/07/2023
139Pol ScienceB.A Honours Pol Science ST .15/07/2023
140SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
141SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit General-EWS .15/07/2023
142SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit OBC-A .15/07/2023
143SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit OBC-B .15/07/2023
144SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit SC .15/07/2023
145SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit ST .15/07/2023
146SociologyB.A Honours Sociology All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
147SociologyB.A Honours Sociology General-EWS .15/07/2023
148SociologyB.A Honours Sociology OBC-A .15/07/2023
149SociologyB.A Honours Sociology OBC-B .15/07/2023
150SociologyB.A Honours Sociology SC .15/07/2023
151SociologyB.A Honours Sociology ST .15/07/2023
152ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology All Category (Combined) .15/07/2023
153ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology General-EWS .15/07/2023
154ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology OBC-A .15/07/2023
155ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology OBC-B .15/07/2023
156ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology SC .15/07/2023
157ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology ST .15/07/2023
Provisional Merit List 2023Click Here
Final Merit List 2023Click Here

Mahishadal Raj College Merit List 2023 – Download

Sl No.RankApplication IdNameCategoryPHSubjectMerit Point
11MRC23004049KOYEL SINGHSTNOEducation136.50
22MRC23003894DIPIKA MURMUSTNOEducation113.40
33MRC23000169ANU KUMARISTNOEducation107.60
44MRC23002022SATYAJIT HEMBRAMSTNOEducation90.40
55MRC23003329SAGEN TUDUSTNOEducation87.80
66MRC23002466SAGUN MANDISTNOEducation81.50
77MRC23001331SOURAV SINGHSTNOEducation80.00
88MRC23004442MAHENDRA TUDUSTNOEducation69.70
99MRC23002824JOTIKA MURMUSTNOEducation63.80

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What’s Next after Mahishadal Raj College Merit List release ?

After Publishing of Mahishadal Raj College Final Merit List, the Phase wise E-COUNSELLING LIST (as per the Intake Capacity) will be published by the college. The Selected candidates have to scan original copies of M.P. Admit, H.S. Admit, H.S. Marksheet, Caste Certificate, PH Certificate etc. and upload it to the portal (Max size : 100 kb and in jpg format) and pay the Admission Fees within
the stipulated date(s) positively.

All the Admission will be done through E-Counselling and Admission Fees have to pay through online process (using Credit /Debit Card/ Net Banking). Candidates are advised to follow the Admission/ E-counselling Notice in regular basis.

e-Counselling UpdatesClick Here

We hope the detailed information on Mahishadal Raj College Admission 2022 – 23 has been useful. Therefore, we suggest the aspirants to stay connected for the latest updates.

Best of Luck

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