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RRB Group D Model set IV has been prepared especially on General Science, as general science has been an important topics of Railway group D questions. Study and prepare through the study materials.

(1)Which gas is used to fill electric bulbs ?

(a) Neon

(b) Argon

(c) Oxygen

(d) Hydrogen

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Answer: b

(2) Light year is a unit of measurement of :

(a) Astronomy

(b) Time

(c) Light

(d) Stars

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Answer: a

(3) Which of the following cannot be divided ?

(a) Atom

(b) Photon

(c) Nucleus

(d) Molecule

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Answer: b

(4) The unit of power in S.I. is –

(a) Newton

(b) Erg/sec

(c) Joule/sec

(d) Joule

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Answer: c

(5) Which of the following is found in a plant cell, but not in animal cells ?

(a) Cell membrane

(b) Cytoplasm

(c) Cell wall

(d) Protoplasm

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Answer: c

(6) Which one of the following plants has the largest flower

(a) Sunflower

(b) Chrysantthemum

(c) Zinnia

(d) Rafflesia

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Answer: d

(7) A person will have brown eyes because of a pigment in

(a) Cornea

(b Selera

(c) Iris

(d) Choroid

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Answer: c

(8) Which of the following has the highest nutritional value ?

(a) Wheat


(c) Maize

(d) Groundnut

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Answer: d

(9) The metals that melts at room temperature is

(a) Cassium

(b) Potassium

(c) Barium

(d) Calcium

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Answer: a

(10) The centre of gravity of a triangular lamina is its

(a) Ortho-centre

(b) Centroid

(c) In-centre

(d) Circum-centre

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Answer: b

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