WB Clerkship Model Paper 2020; Written Exam Preparation Guide

Students who will seat for WB Clerkship Examination 2020 on 25th January 2020, this WB Clerkship Model Paper will help in getting the overview of the Real Test. We hope you all have taken high preparation for this exam. For the final touchup and also for practice, this model paper will be useful in appearing for PSC WB upcoming examination.

WB Clerkship Model Paper – Spotting Errors (Q.1 – 3)

1.Since his arrival at his native town (a) / he is trying to the best of his power (b) /to spread education among the poor masses (c) / No error (d).

Ans- b

2. As soon as I shall reach New Delhi (a) / I shall send you the file (b) / you have asked for (c) / No error (d).

Ans – a

3. His Assistants have (a) / and are still doing (b) / excellent for the organization (c) / No Error (d)

Ans – a

Fill in the Blanks (Q. 4 – 6)

4. In order to maintain good health one should eat a …………… diet.

Ans – Balanced.

5. Even a ……….. glance will reveal the mystery.

Ans – Cursory.

6. The soldiers were instructed to ………. Restraint and handle the situation peacefully.

Ans – Exercise.

Synonyms (Q. 7 – 8)

7. On account of the paucity of the funds plan remained incomplete.

Ans – Scarcity.

8. The Newspapers are clamoring against the injustice to the landless laborers.

Ans – Protesting.

9. Antonyms (Q. 9 – 10)

9. You are advised to show clemency to the defeated enemy.

Ans – Callousness.

10. In facing adverse situations, he was very stoical.

Ans – Flinching.

Improve the sentence (Q. 11-12)

11. The angry boys were arguing with the Principal since morning.

Ans – have been.

12. Is a person or an animal eats much his body changes the extra Carbohydrates and Protein into fat and stores it?

Ans – No improvement.

General Knowledge

13. The largest religious system in the World both geographical extent and number of adherents is

Ans – Christianity.

14. Areawise, which is the largest Lok Sabha Constituency?

Ans – Ladakh.

15. The State which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha is

Ans – Madhya Pradesh.

16. Which one of the High Courts has territorial jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Island?

Ans – Kolkata.

17. When did the Citizenship Amendment Act come in force?

Ans – On 12th December 2019.

18. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established during which Five Year Plan?

Ans – Second.

19. Which day has been declared as Balika Diwas (Girl Day) Ministry of Woman and Children Development?

Ans – December 9.

20. Who devised the ‘Human Development Index’?

Ans – Mahbubul Haq.

21. Which one of the mechanisms uses Pascal’s Law?

Ans – The hydraulic brakes.

Numerical & Aptitude Test

22. The ages of Aarzoo and Arnav are in the ratio of 11:13 respectively. After 7 years the ratio of their ages will be 20:23. What is the difference in years between their ages?

Ans – 6 years.

23. 22  23  27  36  52  77  ?

Ans – 113

24. A 220 metre long Train crosses a 260 M long platform in 24 seconds. What is the speed of the train in kmph?

Ans – 72

25. If 2x + 3y = 29 and y = x+3, What is the value of x =?

Ans – 4

26. 2  4  11  ?  153  771

Ans – 37

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27. The price of Two table fans and 3 ceiling fans is Rs. 4350. If the cost of 2 ceiling fans and 1 table fan is Rs. 2250, what is the cost of one ceiling fan?

Ans – Rs. 800

28. ? % of 25 = 200

Ans – 32

29. The areas of three flats A, B, and C are in the ratio of 5 : 6 : 8 respectively. If the difference in the area of flat C and flat A is 270 sq.m. What is area of flat B in sq.m?

Ans – 540

30. ? x 0.8 x 0.00016 x = 0.000512

Ans – 2.

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