WB Excise SI Model Practice Set V- For SI Preparation

WB Excise SI Model Practice Set V

Directions (Q. 1-3) : Pick out the error.

(1)He always listens (a) / to his parents’ advice (b) / who care his (c) / best well-wisher.(d) / No error (e)

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Answer: b

(2) Not for the whole (a) / world ! would (b) / ever think of hurting (c) / anyone’s sentiment. (d) / No error (e)

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Answer: e

(3) He not only denied (a) / having borrowed money (b) / from me but also (c) / having ever met me . (d) / No error (e)

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Answer: a

Directions (Q. 4-6) : Find out the correct word which best expresses the meaning.

(4) Coy

(a) Haughty

(b) Bold

(c) Shy

(d) Humble

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Answer: c

(5) Garnar

(b) Gamble

(b) Distribute

(c) gather

(d) Scatter

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Answer: c

(6) Criterion

(a) Calmness

(b) Measurement

(c) Depth

(d) Standard

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Answer: d

Directions (Q. 7-9) : Choose the correct alternatives which express the opposite meaning .


(a) Askance

(b) Front

(c) Back

(d) Sideways

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Answer: b

(8) Conceited

(a) Bold

(b) Stupid

(c) Modest

(d) Proud

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Answer: c

(9) Vulgar

(a) Obscene

(b) Obscure

(c) Pleasant

(d) Refined

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Answer: d

(10) Continuous unemployment has induced in the people a kind of ——- which is most depressing.

(a) laziness

(b) anger

(c) encouragement

(d) resistance

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Answer: a

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