WB Excise SI Model Test Paper Set 1

WB Excise Model Set 2021

(1)A liquid transmits pressure equally in all directions is denoted by –

(a) First Law of thermodynamics

(b) Archimedes Principle

(c) Pascal’s Law

(d) First Law of Fluid Dynamics

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Answer: c

(2) The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is :

(a) Carbon

(b) Iron

(c) Oxygen

(d) Nitrogen

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Answer: c

(3) The largest freshwater lake in world is

(a) Lake Michigan

(b) Lake Balkhash

(c) Lake Superior

(d) Lake Victoria

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Answer: c

(4) The substance that is added to make natural rubber strong and more bouncy is –

(a) Sponge

(b) Polythene

(c) Sulphur

(d) Chlorine

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Answer: c

(5) Which of the following volcanoes is situates in Mexico ?

(a) Etna

(b) Purace

(c) Semeru

(d) Colima

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Answer: d

(6) In an alloy, the ratio of copper and zinc is 5 : 2. If 1.250 kg of zinc is mixed in 17 kg 500 g of alloy, then the ratio of copper and zinc will be

(a) 2:1

(b) 2:3

(c) 3:2

(d) 1:2

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Answer: a

(7) A cistern of capacity 8000 L measures externally 3.3 m by 2.6 m by 1.1 m qnd its walls are 5 cm thick. Then thickness of the bottom is

(a) 1.1 m

(b) 96 cm

(c) 1 dm

(d) 1 m

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Answer: c

(8) How may men will be required to plough 100 acres of land in 10 days, if 10 men require 8 days to plough 20 acres of land ?

(a) 50

(b) 30

(c) 40

(d) 60

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Answer: c

(9) A trader marked a watch 40% above the cost price and then gave a discount of 10%. He made a net profit of Rs.468 after paying a tax of 10% on the gross profit. What is the cost price of the watch ?

(a) Rs. 1700

(b) Rs. 2200

(c) Rs. 2000

(d) Rs. 1340

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Answer: c

(10) The diameter of a circle is 105 less than its circumference. What is the diameter of the circle?

  1. a) 42 cm
  2. b) 44 cm
  3. c) 49 cm
  4. d) 48 cm
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Answer: c