General Awareness Practice Set IX

General Awareness Practice Set IX


(1) ‘Hire and Fire’ is the policy of

(a) Traditional Economy

(b) Mixed Economy

(c) Socialism


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Answer: d

(2)The latest volume of foodgrains to be given per family as determined under ‘Annapurna Scheme’ is

(a) 40kg

(b) 10kg

(c) 20kg


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Answer: d

(3)The fish catch by Indian fishermen in the international waters are part of the GDP of

(a)India and Indonesia

(b) India

(c) India and Sri Lanka

(d)Sri Lanka

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Answer: b

(4)The Nobel Prize for Economics was instituted by

(a) World Bank

(b) The Nobel Committee

(c) Sweden’s central bank

(d)Alfred Nobel

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Answer: c

(5)The main competitor for the Indian jute industry is

(a) Jpan

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Nepal


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Answer: b

(6)Which of the following items is under the State List ?

(a) Defence

(b) Education

(c) Criminal Law


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Answer: d

(7) ‘Dual citizenship’ is a feature of

(a) Presidential government

(b) Partiamentary government

(c) Federal government

(d)Unitary government

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Answer: c

(8)In the constitution of India, which article mentions about the establishment of Welfare State in India ?

(a) 69

(b) 59

(c) 39


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Answer: c

(9)The essential feature of democracy is giving prominence to the

(a) Civil Society

(b) Citizen

(c) Judiciary


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Answer: b

(10)Which of the following writs can lie only against a person holding a public office ?

(a) Certiorarious

(b) Prohibition

(c) Mandamus

(d)Habeas corpus

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Answer: c

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