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General Awareness MCQ Set XI

General Awareness MCQ Set XI


(1)The largest proven oil reserve of the world lies in

(a) Saudi Arabia

(b) Venezuele

(c) Iraq


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Answer: b

(2)The book ‘Gokhale,My Political Guru’ was written by

(a) M.K. Gandhi

(b) M.A. Jinnah

(c) C.R.Das

(d)Shaukat Ali

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Answer: a

(3)Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Name Sake’?

(a) Jhumpa Lahiri

(b) Vikram Seth

(c) Shobha De

(d)Kiran Desai

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Answer: a

(4)National Science Day is observed on

(a) 28th February

(b) 5th January

(c) 2nd June

(d)14th March

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Answer: a

(5)Which was the first National News Agency of free India ?

(a) The Free Press of India

(b) The Indian Review

(c) None of these

(d)The Associated Press of India

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Answer: d

(6)The original name of ‘Mahabharata’ is

(a) Jai Samhita

(b) Kathasaritsagar

(c) Bharat Katha


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Answer: a

(7)Kudankulam Project is located in which state ?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Karnataka

(c) Kerala


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Answer: a

(8)Who was the first block actor to win Oscar ?

(a) Wesley Snipes

(b) Eddie Murphy

(c) Morgan Freeman

(d)Sidney poitiers

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Answer: d

(9)Which of the following is related to horticulture ?

(a) Golden revolution

(b) Operation flood

(c) White revolution

(d)Green revolution

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Answer: a

Updated: April 27, 2018 — 12:00 AM

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