Geography MCQ Set II

Geography Multiple Choice Questions Set II

1.Which Country is known as the  ‘Cockpit of Europe’ ?

(a) Holland

(b) Belgium

(c) France

(d) Denmark

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Answer: b

2. Japan consists of four main Islands. Find the odd one out

(a) Kyushu

(b) Hokkaido

(c) Hamana-Ko

(d) Honshu

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Answer: c

3.Black cotton soil in India are found mainly in

(a) Decan Trap Country

(b) Himalayan Foot Hills

(c) Chambal Valley

(d) Indo-Gangetic Plains

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Answer: a

4.Where is Mt. Mckinley ?

(a) Canada

(b) Tanzania

(c) Alaska

(d) Chile

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Answer: c

5.Which country is known as the “ Emerald Isle ” ?

(a) Great Britain

(b) Ireland

(c) Japan

(d) New Zealand

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Answer: b

6. The McMohan line is a boundary between ……

(a) India and Bangladesh

(b) India and Pakistan

(c) India and China

(d) India and Nepal

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Answer: c

7.Which of the following grades of coal has the highest carbon content ?

(a) Peat

(b) Lignite

(c) Bituminous

(d) Anthracite

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Answer: d

8.Piedmant Plateau lies in the ………. Mountains of the North America.

(a) Sierra Nevada

(b) Cascade

(c) Appalachian

(d) Rocky

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Answer: c

9.Which of the following countries is the largest producer of iron are ?

(a) Former USSR

(b) Brazil

(c) USA

(d) Sweden

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Answer: a

10.The Institute of Petroleum Reservoir Studies is located in –

(a) Lucknow

(b) Calcutta

(c) Baroda

(d) Ahmedabad

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Answer: d