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WB Excise SI Model Test Paper Set II

WB Excise SI Model Test Paper Set II

WB Excise SI Model Test Paper II is the second series of exam preparation materials for the WB Excise SI Posts advertised by PSC West Bengal.


Directions : Choose the word opposite in meaning.


(a) Hire

(b) Borrow

(c) Cheat

(d) Pawn

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Answer: b

(2) Meticulous

(a) Shaggy

(b) Mutual

(c) Slovenly

(d) Meretricious

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Answer: c

(3) Adherent

(a) Enemy

(b) Alien

(c) Detractor

(d) Rival

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Answer: a

(4) Sppress

(a) Permit

(b) Allow

(c) Praise

(d) Encourage

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Answer: d

(5) Hollow

(a) Strong

(b) Filled

(c) Solid

(d) Substantial

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Answer: c

Directions : Choose the one which express the best meaning.

(6) Ruthless

(A) Civilized

(b) Pitiless

(c) Thoughtful

(d) Exhorting

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Answer: b

(7) Guile

(a) Scrupulousness

(b) Hiatus

(c) Slyness

(d) Ignorance

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Answer: c

(8) Impetuous

(a) Hasty

(b) Restrained

(c) Circumspect

(d) Discreet

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Answer: a

(9) Intrinsic

(a) Ingerent

(b) Altruistic

(c) Genuine

(d) Manifest

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Answer: c

(10) Pious

(a) Atheist

(b) Prejudice

(c) Sinful

(d) Religious

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Answer: d

Updated: April 26, 2018 — 11:38 PM

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